Rejection and Poster Project(ion)

I feel like I’m back in Amarillo when I was trying to get my first job ever. I was in this vicious cycle of where not having a job meant not getting experience and not having experience meant not getting a job. So I’d receive a lot of rejection calls or emails saying I wasn’t “qualified” or whatever. The only people who ever gave me a chance were the desperate, but good ole folks at good ole MickeyDs. I’m pretty sure they don’t regret a single day I worked there, but what do I know. Wait… Where was I going with this? Oh yeah! Rejection and such. Been getting a lot of rejection emails and calls lately now that my full-blown career search is on. On the brightside, at least I’m getting some feedback from some of them. It’s really bad when you go weeks and weeks without any sort of contact. Heck! I’ll even call some back within a week (hoping I don’t seem desperate) and they usually just beat around the bush about how they’ll contact me later (in other words “don’t get your hopes up, kid”). So yeah. I may be working full-time at my current job pretty soon, so that’s cool, but until then I’m just going to have to do my best at what I can. So with all this free time I have, I created this little project for myself. Every other day or so I’m going to create a poster. After being asked a million times at the portfolio show I think I’ve finally decided that poster design is my favorite type of graphic design. Of course, this is still a very broad category. So for the next month or so I’m making posters, the only catch is that each one has to integrate something new I have to learn (be it a style, technique, graphics program or tool). Startint mid-November (if not earlier) I’ll probably start doing more package design, especially if it is so high in demand these days. I think with all the newfound knowledge/skills I gain from the poster project it will help out with other design work that comes my way including package design.