Education. Consultation. Graduation. Deviation.

So ever since the whole Portfolio Night shock thing I’ve been kind of confused at where to look and what to do. And seeing as I have less than 5 weeks left of schooling I probably need to reconstruct a game plan. The following Monday I have a career consultation so I’ve re-re-re-re-re-made my resume, signed over my soul (okay, so I actually just signed over my permission to use my photo and resume to help me find a career), and I had to write job specifications about myself. The last couple of lines are about where I plan to apply. Over the past year I’ve already met up or applied for internships or whatnot for the companies I was familiar with at the time. But this is Dallas. There a MILLIONS of companies out there. So I still don’t know what the right fit for me is. As of right now my list I’m making for the consultation includes The Matchbox Studio, TPN, M/C/C, The Loomis Agency, and last but not least Pyro. SO yeah, there’s my hit list. Hope all goes well during these last 5 weeks of the unreal world.