Portfolio Night 10 – Dallas Edition

Boy, oh, boy have I learned A LOT tonight. Where to begin?

First of all, if an agency refers to itself as an ADVERTISING AGENCY, then chances are they aren’t looking for graphic designers. I really don’t understand this though. I thought advertisers and graphic designers were supposed to team together in these sorts of agencies to produce great works. So where does a graphic designer go? I’ve never head of a DESIGN AGENCY. Have you?

So yeah…I  have a lot of work to do, a lot of tweaking to do. I was really amazed about the consensus on what all 6 creative directors liked and disliked in or about my work. And for the most part I got some really great feedback on what I need to do.

The most important tip I got out of tonight? Tell a story. Stories give meanings, understandings, unique interactions that where just telling the basics about the design can’t do. Why did I use these colors? What does that symbol mean? How did I come up with so-and-so? What was the big idea behind it all? What was the process like? i should be able to IMMEDIATELY tell the answers to these questions. It’s what can make a good design a great design.

So now that I have 3 more weeks of this quarter and then the summer quarter, I’m going to work hard on making more campaigny-like prints.

I’m a bit confused though about two things.

1. I want to work for an (advertising) agency.  A place where I get to work with a variety of clients and ideas and people. Advertising agencies don’t seem to be looking for graphic designers. There are certain independent brands are looking for something I would consider more or less to be in-house graphic designers i.e. Fossil, Southwest and American Airlines, Neiman Marcus, and Pier 1. But as far as I could tell from tonight there isn’t a conglomeration corporation where graphic designers get to work with various clients and ideas and people like the advertising agency people get to work with.

2. There may not be a happy medium between art director and graphic designer. Art directors come up with the ideas and what not, but rarely execute the design. Graphic designs get art direction, rarely get to put in their ideation input, and then create the designs. I want to be somewhere in the middle where I can come up with the idea and create it as well.

So all in all, it was a worthwhile experience. I just think I left with as many questions as answers. @_@