good artists borrow, great artists steal

Carrot Creative


b. layout, interactivity, humorous, easy to navigate

c. contact and about the staff pages

d. i would like to incorporate some fun and humor into my site that informs, persuades, and still entertains clients instead of warding them off



b. use of colors and design, big bold typography, lots of vector drawings

c. portfolio page, job-o-meter (availability),

d. i would to incorporate a categorized portfolio page with brief descriptions and be able to show clients what projects i’m currently working on and when i’m available

Pikaboo – Where Ideas Grow


b. colors, animations, layout, logo

c. impressed that i could tell right away the company was more about audio work and motion graphics

d. i would like to incorporate the personal identity such as this website made for themselves through the logo and other visuals

Dumbwaiter Design


b. front page, logo, color schemes

c. from a list of 50, this site IMMEDIATELY grabbed my attention

d. i would like to incorporate the grabbing of one’s attention among many. it’s a tough and plentiful world out there and i gotta stand out from the rest…

Daniel Gutierrez


b. front page, vector art

c. use of icons instead of words (esp since the site is in spanish)

d. i would like to incorporate the all user-friendly format of this; it’s all in spanish and yet I can tell what kind of graphic designer he is

Steve Mullen Creative


b. layout, front page

c. beautiful and professional showcasing of recent work, still humorous

d. i would like to incorporate the professional looking quality he gives off while still including that personality aspect to it; no cold and corporate stuff

Kevin Lucius


b. imagery, front page,

c. complex simplicity, straight up intro of skills

d. i would like to incorporate the complex simplicity kevin has going on, but spread it out on more than one page, i like that he pretty much let’s his work do the talking


I tend to sway towards websites that include the following patterns:

  • Dark backgrounds with bright colors
  • Bold introductory titles with intro blocks
  • 1 column format
  • Blogs or links to blogs
  • Portfolio and/or Service pages
  • Contact page/form
  • Top or right navigation
  • Vector art
  • Imaginative and memorable logos
  • Horizontally centered
  • Humorous, fun