introverted intuition with extraverted thinking pt . 2



  • salvador dali: beautiful surrealist imagery that is inspiring; always see his work differently every time i look
  • h.r. giger: amazing time-consuming work that not only inspires me but inspired many scifi and surrealist artists
  • henri marie raymond de toulouse-lautre-monfa: beautiful and creative use of colors, stands out among even his peers i.e. monet/manet/degas/van gogh
  • banksy: love his wild, trendsetting graffiti works with sardonic and ironic messages and imagery


  • decorative- mona lisa solid itc: gives everything a fun, vintage look
  • serif- century schoolbook: easy to read, goes with anything
  • sans serif- century gothic: easy to read, smooth look about it, a sans serif font that isn’t HELVETICA
  • script- vivaldi and antoinette 2.0 (my own personal font based off my handwriting): graceful curves and connections, works well with formal stuff; easy to “write” in my own handwriting on the computer


  • trashed and scattered by avenged sevenfold: fast, edgy song to pump me up when i’m down
  • a place for my head by linkin park: another song that pumps me up when i’m down, plus beautiful use of world influences
  • sweet sacrifice by evanescence: a song to keep me going


  • kill bill: great locations/sets, love qt’s style and timing, great action sequences and characters
  • the boondock saints: funny, unique, and action-packed
  • the fall: absolutely beautful and strange visuals from around the world and even not of this world
  • sucker punch: beautiful imagery, twisty story, amazing soundtrack
  • nightmare before christmas: love the music, love tim burton but had to choose one film for his strange and creepy art direction


  • ray bradbury: amazingly creative science fiction stories about the past, present, and future that really make one think
  • stephen king: although the endings are usually anti-climatic (esp. in the miniseries) i love that the stories are inspired by his dreams (or nightmares) and how he is able to bring those to life through his writing
  • lewis carrol: strange and imaginative works
  • eoin colfer: more strange and imaginative works


  • tripp nyc and royal bones- seems to convey my style the best, love standing out, and being different
  • fanta of coca cola- keeps my blood sugar from getting low, don’t you wanta?
  • converse- a liking for this brand was passed down to me from my mom
  • vans- uber comfy shoes that i just cant get rid of even though i’ve torn them to shreds
  • jeep- actually my brand should probably be daimler chrysler but its a jeep thats got me here and there and everywhere

personal identity

what market segment are you targeting to work in?

  • i would love to work in something having to do with pop culture or whatever i.e. music, movies, games, etc

what segment of graphic design and developement do you excel in?

  • vector art creation

what do you enjoy most about graphic design and developement?

  • getting to paint and draw digitally and even better are those rare occasions of doing it traditionally

what do you enjoy least about graphic design and developement?

  • when someone gives me absolutely nothing to work with and demands no creative freedom

what skills, perspective or life experience set you apart from other designers or developers?

  • well i’m extremely left-brained for a left-handed artist; i have the qualities of a right-brain dominant i.e. being creative, intuitive, and art and musically inclined, but i am also logical, analytical,and greatly into mathematics and science
  • i also have a lot of fine arts background that, surprisingly,  many other graphic designers don’t have

list 50 words/phrase that describe you as a person or professional

  1. creative
  2. intelligent
  3. logical
  4. hard-working
  5. quick learner
  6. inspirational
  7. unique
  8. designer
  9. artist
  10. musical
  11. dependable
  12. inventive
  13. early bird
  14. responsible
  15. sarcastic
  16. devoted
  17. introverted
  18. overachiever
  19. dedicated
  20. original
  21. faux gothic
  22. trustworthy
  23. dog person
  24. trendsetter
  25. resourceful
  26. independent
  27. understanding
  28. goal oriented
  29. modern
  30. patient
  31. proactive
  32. enthusiatic
  33. visionary
  34. calm
  35. motivated
  36. up for a good challenge
  37. structural
  38. slightly adventurous
  39. efficient
  40. reliable
  41. team player
  42. possibly too humble
  43. punctual
  44. visual communicator
  45. imaginative
  46. problem solver
  47. skillful
  48. good listener
  49. understanding
  50. bacon enthusiast