Looking for (Freelance) Work

I am currently looking for freelance work. Do you need anything on the list or any other graphic design or graphic art related service? Feel free to contact me at any of the provided… Continue reading

Rejection and Poster Project(ion)

I feel like I’m back in Amarillo when I was trying to get my first job ever. I was in this vicious cycle of where not having a job meant not getting experience… Continue reading

Education. Consultation. Graduation. Deviation.

So ever since the whole Portfolio Night shock thing I’ve been kind of confused at where to look and what to do. And seeing as I have less than 5 weeks left of… Continue reading

Portfolio Night 10 – Dallas Edition

Boy, oh, boy have I learned A LOT tonight. Where to begin? First of all, if an agency refers to itself as an ADVERTISING AGENCY, then chances are they aren’t looking for graphic… Continue reading

Welcome to the World Wide Web, Shea

Not a huge fan for paying for stuff that doesn’t really even exist… but I have an URL now… Thanks to doing surveys and getting free money via paypal… Right now the link… Continue reading

good artists borrow, great artists steal

Carrot Creative a. http://carrotcreative.com/#!/ b. layout, interactivity, humorous, easy to navigate c. contact and about the staff pages d. i would like to incorporate some fun and humor into my site that informs, persuades, and… Continue reading

introverted intuition with extraverted thinking pt . 2

inspiration- artists salvador dali: beautiful surrealist imagery that is inspiring; always see his work differently every time i look h.r. giger: amazing time-consuming work that not only inspires me but inspired many scifi… Continue reading

introverted intuition with extraverted thinking pt . 1

New month. New quarter. New year. New blog. Let’s do this!!!

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